Nets for coastal fishing

Made of high strength nylon fibers, they fish in depths of 20 up to 400 mts. Specifications are the twine thickness, the size of mesh, and the depth in meshes. The usual length per piece is 200 mts.


Fishing Hooks

Possibly the oldest fishing tool. They are made of steel and steel alloys. Used mainly for long line fishing and all sorts of shore or boat fishing by hand or reel.


Mono Lines

Fishing lines used for tying hooks and main body of long lines. Also for sport fishing of all sorts. Their diameter ranges from 0.10 to 2,5 mm and their packing from 100 to 1000 mts.


Mounted nets

Trammel nets ready for fishing, mounted with floats and weights or with lead-line. Specific sizes are available, but they can also be made according to client’s specifications.


Protection nets

Special nets for birds, cats and agriculture.


Complete long lines

Plastic bins with tied main line and hooks ready for boat fishing. They are made by hand in various lengths and hook sizes.


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